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No children in parked vehicles

Florida Department of Health in Volusia County Environmental Health

Never leave a child alone in a car Remember ACT

Cars can quickly heat to dangerous temperatures, even with a window cracked open. Children left in parked vehicles are especially at risk of suffering from heat stroke or dying from the heat.

When traveling with children, please remember A-C-T:

  • Avoid heatstroke: Never leave a child or pet in a parked car - even if the windows are cracked open.

  • Create reminders: Remind yourself that a child or pet is in the car by keeping a stuffed animal in the car seat. When the child or pet is buckled in, keep the stuffed animal in the front with the driver.

  • Take action: When leaving your car, check to be sure everyone is out of the car. Do not overlook any children who have fallen asleep in the car.

If you see a child or pet in a parked car that is not running - please call 9-1-1 immediately. 

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