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Florida Department of Health in Volusia County Epidemiology

Epilogue Florida Department of Health Volusia County

Winter 2016
Zika Virus Disease/ Norovirus
Childhood Lead Poisoning/ Disease Activity/ Influenza Update

Fall 2015
Outbreak Investigations/ Medical Reserve Corps
Hunters and Disease/ Disease Activity/ Influenza Update

Summer 2015
Non Food-borne Salmonella/ TB Blood Tests
C. difficile/ Disease Activity/ World Rabies Day

Vaccine Preventable Diseases/ Menigococcal Meningitis
Travel Medicine/ Disease Activity/ Influenza Update

Animal incident Data/ Hansen’s Disease
Baylisascariasis/ Disease Activity/ Influenza Update

Mosquito Vectors / Disease Reporting
Medical Reserve Corps. / Hurricane Prep
Disease Activity / Waterborne Disease

Hepatitis C / STDs / Chikungunya Virus
Disease Activity / Influenza

Emerging Pathogens/ HIV Case Definition
West Nile Virus/ Disease Activity/ Influenza update

Enteric Pathogens / Tick-borne Diseases
PH Preparedness / Disease Activity / Influenza

Rabies / Mosquito-borne Illness / HIV-AIDS Surveillance
Volusia County Disease Activity / Influenza

Pertussis / Perinatal Hepatitis / HIV-AIDS Update
Norovirus / Volusia County Disease Activity / Influenza