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Sealing Sunny Smiles Across Florida

 Sep 01 - Nov 28, 2022 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM East Volusia

Sugar Mill Elementary September 1–15
Palm Terrace Elementary September 15-28
Indian River Elementary September 28- October 11
Holly Hill School October 11-26
Read Patillo Elementary October 26-November 1

West Volusia

Friendship Elementary September 1-13
Orange City Elementary September 13-26
Sunrise Elementary September 26-October 6
Forest Lake Elementary October 6-18
Manatee Cove Elementary October 18- November 2
Enterprise Elementary November 2-18

Event Contact

For more information call:

Florida Department of Health School-based Preventive Dental Program

Our dental team is coming to your child’s school. Dental care is provided at not cost to parents or guardians. Don’t miss out! We’re only here once a year.

Nuestro equipo dental va a estar en la escuela de su hijo. Se proveerá cuidado dental sin costo alguno para los padres y/o tutores. ¡No te lo pierdas! El evento es solo una vez al año

2022-2023 Schedule

East Volusia                      Dates

Sugar Mill Elementary         September 1–15
Palm Terrace Elementary     September 15-28
Indian River Elementary      September 28- October 11
Holly Hill School                  October 11-26
Read Patillo Elementary       October 26-November 1

West Volusia                    Dates

Friendship Elementary       September 1-13
Orange City Elementary     September 13-26
Sunrise Elementary           September 26-October 6
Forest Lake Elementary     October 6-18
Manatee Cove Elementary October 18- November 2
Enterprise Elementary       November 2-18


The Florida Department of Health visits schools to provide a preventative sealants for student's teeth. We are coming to your child's school soon. Look for forms in your child's backpack. For more information, call (386) 274-0895.

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Event Starts: 8:00 AM

Event Ends: 3:00 PM

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